The new and radical X4J stretch fiber is a game changer. Exclusively developed by Prosperity’s R&D team in collaboration with the Lubrizol Corporation, X4J is a fiber with a flat modulus, meaning that the stretch continues without having to apply more pressure. In other words, X4-J fabrics will stretch in an easy-going and even way until they reach their limit. While most previous stretch fibers (such as Spandex) follow a steep strain curve – offering little resistance at first before a sharp increase in resistance, the X4J fiber traces a more extended J-shape that translates into comfortable compression for the wearer.

X4J is the ultimate soft stretch. This softness is not only achieved by the properties described above but also because no solvents are used during the production process. Plus, the fiber is perfectly round (unlike the square shape of early generation stretch fibers such as Spandex).

It’s no exaggeration to state that X4J redefines stretch. X4J fabrics are two-thirds easier to stretch than regular ultra stretch fabrics. They also have a 30% higher breathability than regular stretch fabrics. Able to stretch up to 70%, fabrics with the X4J fiber are equally suited for high stretch applications with sculpting properties and low stretch applications in the men’s domain.

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