Following market demand, Prosperity’s creative team set out to develop ultra high-stretch performance fabrics. And indeed, Ultrastretch’s recovery and growth is enough to stretch anyone’s imagination.

Within the Ultrastretch collection, J-Fit fabrics stand out for their unique next-generation performance properties while still maintaining a supreme look and feel. J-Fit denim makes use of the radically new X4J fiber. Exclusively co-developed with Lubrizol, Prosperity is the only mill in the world allowed to apply this mind-blowing fiber.

It’s no exaggeration to state that X4J redefines stretch. The resulting high-stretch fabrics, with up to 70% stretch, have strong sculpting properties and need less force to stretch while still offering superior compression. X4J fabrics are two-thirds easier to stretch than regular ultra stretch fabrics – along with 30% higher breathability.

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