June 20, 2018
New Blues: Prosperity’s Remedy for the Dip Craze
Category: Sustainability
Eden Blue, Haze Blue, Shadow Blue

At recent trade shows, Prosperity has been introducing a new range of blues for Fall/Winter 2019 collections – blues that are appropriately deep, dark, and rich. While always going after the most beautiful and blooming, pure indigo shades, our Creative Director Bart van de Woestyne also seeks to re-invent the dyeing process to produce these shades in the most responsible way possible.

For example, some years ago, the industry was gripped by a “dip race.” Ten dips! Twelve dips! Twenty-four dips! This race made no sense: it was a waste of both indigo and water. Remember: vintage mid-shade indigos were only five to eight dips.

Haze Blue

Prosperity can now create deeper and lasting indigo shades with a minimum of dips and an all-round, cleaner dyeing process. For example, our Haze Blue achieves a remarkable depth of color with a very limited numbers of dips (we can’t share how many) by combining pure indigo with Archroma’s more blue-black and hydrosulfite-free sulphur dye. In this way, we can also play with the rinsing to produce more vintage indigo shades.Dyeing-Haze-Blue-Fabric-Prosperity-Textile-square

Eden Blue

Meanwhile, two other blues are pure indigos. Eden Blue has a beautiful dark shade while managing to avoid that dreaded red cast. Feedback from the market has been unanimous: “Eden Blue is something else!”

According to Van de Woestyne, it’s one of the nicest indigos he’s ever produced: “It’s great to get so much positive feedback from the market. It validates my ideas. There’s always a level of insecurity when introducing a new shade. And Eden Blue is done with as few dips as possible and using pre-reduced Dystar dyestuffs. The way this fabric blooms after washing, it just opens up so beautifully. The indigo molecule just breaks up in such an exquisite way. The name Eden Blue does it justice.”Eden-Blue-Prosperity-Textile

Shadow Blue

Our Shadow Blue is related to Eden Blue, but with an even blacker cast. It’s also unique in that the indigo receives a special color fixative to stay deeper-toned for longer. The secret is in the last box. It uses Prosperity’s proprietary finishing technology, which can be considered the most sustainable finishing technology available.

In short, there’s no need to feel blue about these blues.Shadow-Blue-Prosperity-Textile-2

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